Monday, March 8, 2010

Julie and Julia

Adelina introduced me this movie months ago and finally got myself to watch it today. I LOVE IT! It's about going for your passion and ambitions. And I like the idea of having a goal, doing something you like, one thing one day at a time. Most of all, I really admire the relationship they had with their husbands throughout their journey, esp Julia. Things and partners are not always very pretty but its very sweet to go through and withstand those not very sweet times together.

Based on 2 true stories. Worth to watch.

Watch trailer HERE

Little Thoughts of the Day:
Need to get lost to find myself - but when and where to?


marlene said...

i want to watch also! Hm.. perhaps watch UP 1st :) Few movies in hands but not enough time to watch :(

marlene said...

u ada the DVD ka? i wanna watch. saw the preview liao leh.. and it sounds like my story too :p (when i try my 1st cupcakes.. hahahah)

Sheerah said...

got.... pass to you when i can la.... :)