Friday, March 14, 2014

First Day Cover - Musuems & Artifacts

It was my first time yesterday buying first day cover at the post office on the date of release.  Little did I know that in Miri, we were to stick and handstamp the stamps ourselves in Miri.  Should have separated the rows of stamps so the ink stamp will look nicer.  Should have done my research before going on how to stick it.  Anyways lesson learnt.  Kinda lucky though, that I manage to get the last two (yeah, it was selling fast).  Also glad that I met a new friend because I let her buy one of the sets.  Actually I was buying the last three.  And since I get to handstamp the stamps myself (the word 'stamp' here can be pretty confusing huh?) I tested it on my planner.  So yay! I got a FDC stamp in my planner ^^  Love it! 

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