Friday, March 28, 2014

Happy Mail Day~! ^^ Card #68

I received three cards yesterday and guess what? I got another one today! Such a cute doggie ^^  Neways, I especially love the stamp on the card showing the Stolzenfels Castle with such an interesting history to it.

"Finished in 1259, Stolzenfels was used to protect the toll station at the Rhine, where the ships, back then were the main transport for goods, had to stop and pay toll. Over the years it was extended several times, occupied by French and Swedish troops in the Thirty Years' War and finally, in 1689, destroyed by the French during the Nine Years' War. For 150 years the ruins decayed, until in 1815 they were given as a present to Frederick William IV of Prussia by the city of Koblenz. Following the romantic traditions, the prince started to completely rebuild the castle after 1826 as a summer residence. Supported by famous neoclassic architect Karl Friedrich Schinkel, the castle was completely remodeled in the then fashionable neo-Gothic style, aiming to create a romantic place representing the idea of medieval knighthood - the architects even created a tournament site."

p/s: Text in italics extracted from Wikipedia

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