Sunday, September 14, 2014

Down Came our Mango Tree :(

Dad decided to cut down the mango tree and build a bigger roof around the house, mainly as shelter for rain.  Felt rather sad about cutting it down as it has been a part of our home all these years and bears good fruit.  But sometimes need to sacrifice some temporary stuff for more permanent stuff - many a times like our lives, i.e to undergrow some 'pruning' to grow better, or to better prepare for permanent things.  Neways, I'm thankful they didnt cut all the way so it still has a chance to grow back again.  I hope it will bear better fruit in the future.  Also, I'm thankful for a dad who takes good care of the house and our family... always preparing things for us.  
Rather admire this Indonesian worker.  He is fast, hardworking, not greedy and doesnt complain at all.  The tree was full of red ants.  It took him many rounds to cut down the whole tree and he did it with very positive attitude.  And when offer coconut drinks, he didn't take it.  He just take those we give his boss and drink it when they are back.  Really hard to find workers like this nowadays. 

had some fresh coconuts after work... from our garden too 
beautiful, perfect

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