Monday, September 8, 2014

Happy Mooncake Fes~!


Speaking of mooncake fes, I missed family dinner last weekend due to work.  But I'm touched my family delivered dinner to me.  It has grandma's awesome wine chicken and mom's lotus peanut soup.  And I made coffee jelly desserts for them.  Tried toffeenut, hazelnut, vanilla latte coffee jelly this time on top of the black coffee.  Feedback was good ^^ 

Then after dinner, Uncle Bernard and family visited :)  Happy mooncake fes everyone.  May you all have a great family time.  Have a blessed one.  

And speaking of family, I miss my 'family' in KL.  Picture taken mooncake fes 2008 and just realized it was the same day as today (8th Sept 2014).

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