Monday, September 1, 2014

Rest Day :)

My rest day started off with jolly good brekkie - mom's homemade pancakes and fresh coffee~! (forgot take picture of coffee though) 

Then I tidied my craft room.... I checked the last time I did some major organizing was March 12th! Gosh, has it been that long already?  Well this time is not much difference from the last because I haven't been maintaining much after I started working and plus we had a termite attack which was rather disastrous which caused us to take down a few walls, got the whole house treated (hence everything cluttered to the middle of every room, imagine that!!) and repainted/rebuilt some walls........ neways, I'm pretty happy with the outcome today : )  A little more determined to make it a comfy place to work, a place to be able to be inspired.  Well, I'll blog about it if I make progress, then again, fingers crossed.. hehe....  

Then for dinner, grandma made some awesome pork belly fried with wine.  She kinda purposely cook this during my off day.... It's a little too oily, but still its awesome ^^

And finally this really made my day - my baby is back after being in the workshop for more than 2 months  T.T  Miss it so muchhhh.....Neways, my sister went travelling to KL and got it back for me.  She bought me gifts too... always great to have such a sweet sister... ^^ 

Guess that all for now.  Wish to blog more often but often get myself kinda tied up at work and when I'm home, normally I'm too tired to do anything else but sleep and get charged for the next day XD  But I enjoy working a lot.  For starters, never thought I'd get a job like this in Miri.  Feels a little bit closer to my dream workin' here :) And oh just in case you're wondering, you can check out where I work:  or

Till then, better be back to work~! XD 

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