Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Mom's Birthday (Part 1)

Went back home last weekend for my mum's birthday as a little surprise :) Made her these set of art frames, even though my house is seriously out of wall space to hang anything :P One of it is a mother's day gift, which is not due in another 2 weeks but I decide to give it together anyway. Look nicer together ^^ The last picture was taken exactly on my mum's birthday when the clock strikes twelve. I have more pictures of my visit this year. Hope I have time to blog them all. Busy week this week. Rushing cards for Wonderful Market at Time Squares this Sunday :) I'm very excited about that ^^
By the way, I got the poems from here.



Thank you my dear girl. You have made this day more special than it already was. From your praying we could see that you've matured spiritually which is a great comfort to Dad amd Mom. We'll not cease praying for the Lord's continual blessing upon you; that He may fulfill your dreams and give you your heart's desires as you seek Him earnestly.(Psalm 37:4; Heb 11:6)

Rachfaith said...

Oh...that's so sweet!
I want to do something like yours, but on a canvas! =)

marlene said...

what a lovely gift