Thursday, April 30, 2009

I Kissed Dating Goodbye

by Joshua Harris

Another review of a book I just read and would like to recommend. Again, the title was the thing that attracted me and got me to buy it. Don't get the title wrong, its not about never dating again. So what's it about, you may ask. Read it yourself! Hahaha

I had just gotten out of a relationship when I bumped into this book. The guy was the first in a series of my bf's (yea, I sound like play girl hor? :P) who I had a picture of getting married to one day. But feelings and illusive imaginary "images" like these had no trouble fooling me. After that I learnt my lesson that despite being a sentimental and emotional person, I should not to trust my feelings completely. So after I read the preview, I thought: yea, I think I need help in this. 'Why am I always failing in relationships?, I wonder. 'I'm always take relationships seriously but why it'll never work out for me?' Before I first dated, I thought I would be a 'good' girlfriend (not wife, but girlfriend). But when my last relationship turned into a disaster, I seriously doubt that I would EVER get along with any guy anymore. I'm great with guy friends but I have to admit I suck with boyfriends.

I'm glad I found this book. It shows that my dating attitude was wrong before. I was never ready to commit to marriage, and yet there I was throwing myself into relationships because the crush was too huge to resist and that I enjoyed being in the "moment". What is going to happen after that, I have no idea. Even with the guy I had picture getting married to, it was also something I felt for the unknown future and in reality I knew I had things to do and was not ready to settle down. Also, in my past relationships I was in for a self centered relationship. I was focused on what a guy can give me, how he can fulfill my needs and how he can suit my lifestyle. As a result, I've hurt all the guys I've dated. I feel really sorry but I know I can never unwind things anymore.

After reading this, I'm thankful that my last bf had broke up with me. Even though when it happened, I kinda blame him for doing this to me :P But now I'm glad God has given me another chance to make things right. God knowsI want my relationship and marriage to glorify God and I want someone to want the same things as I do. Now I know unless I put God the center of my relationship, or else my relationships will never turn out right. I'm really thankful I'm given this chance again :) Also, I've stop looking and wondering who is the one. I've not been single for almost a decade. So I'm gonna enjoy my single life now and let God be my middle person this time ^^ So, yep the next time I'm in a relationship, it'll be the time I'm ready to pursue marriage and spend the rest of my life with this man.

Below is a video of the author introducing his book. Also I found an article related posted by a friend in facebook. It's called "Stop test driving your girlfriend". I know this article is written for guys, but I think it works for the ladies too, at least it did for me :P
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marlene said...

i bought this book as well but.. it haven't finish reading it yet :) Ha! I wasn't a good gf as well but is ok :) we learnt from every relationship kan? :)

you are a nice girl! and God only prepare the Best to you :)

Adui~ i have few more books to read.... :( Will read it in flight :p

Shera said...

yea, i enjoy reading in plane too. Makes the time pass faster :) I'm gonna buy the next book of his - Boy Meets Girl. Even though I'm not looking out for guys now, I want to get ready before meeting THE guy :)

Liza Yon said...

I read both books in my single days :) Some good lessons in it right? Things that God shows you about yourself.

Shera said...

yes Liza, good lessons :) I can't believe its coming out of a guy aged just 21! Proves that if God wants to use somebody, age really won't matter :)