Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Cards in April (Part 2)

I designed some stamps last week and got it fabricated. I was too busy last week so I only got to play with them this week :) Well, the outcome is not as satisfactory but I guess its ok still. Important is that the card can get the message through. :)


Card Stock: Brazzill - Canvas, brown, daisy, LT Chow

Patterned Paper: Doodle bug - Bumblebee swiss dot, Chatterbox - Scrapbook walls/Dark Choc Swirl

Stamp: Shera's Design - Gambateh

Embellishment: White flower, brown 8mm brads

Tools: Round punch, scallop punch, edge punch


Agnes Sim said...

u carve the stamp by own? i like this card

Shera said...

harlo agnes.. nope, i design on computer and send to shop to make :) i'm not that pro ler.. my hand cant make so delicate work.. Hahaha