Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Recycled Paper - Batch No. 2

I had so much fun with my first batch that I tried out a second batch the week after. I've been collecting our church's program leaflet for 3 years i think. These leaflets are printed both sides and pretty much useless after I copy down the scriptures. So I had an idea to use them to make recycled paper and below is my outcome. Not bad ey? You'll find chinese characters here and there tho :P And to spice it up a little bit, I added some punched shapes and strings to some papers in this batch. Still wondering how I can make cards with the ones that have punched shapes but looking forward to it...Hehehe.... I made one card with a plain one. Will show it in my next post :)


Agnes Sim said...

yoyo..i want le..:p this batch recycled paper is nice le.

luthien said...

woohoo!!! the strings make the paper look really exceptional! you did a great job! way d GO!!!

Shera said...

thanks ladies.... agnes, no prob... i'll make more :)