Monday, July 27, 2009

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

I made a hard decision this week, but thank God that HE knows my doubts and fears and gave me the assurance to go on.

When I'm depressed or angry, I like to listen to some good old hard rock music, and as loud as possible to the limit without bothering my neighbours though :P So I played my 'rock' playlist while making a card for a friend. Then, this song came along...... 'Somewhere over the rainbow' by Chris Impellitteri. It reminds me of my desire for my dreams - that my dreams are somewhere out there, over the rainbow perhaps :) It also reminds me that just by standing there admiring the rainbow wont get me any closer to it. What I need to do now is learn how to fly.

p/s: gin li & G-yiing, thanks for being there for me during this time. You girls have been and will always be the greatest blessing to me ^^

I tried finding a video of this song, this is the best I could find.


luthien said...

God will never give us something that we cannot handle :)

Shera said...

thanks luthien :) so glad to have known you :)

marlene said...

let me know how can i pray for you :)