Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Pipit Wonderful Market #2

As I've blogged earlier, I sold cards at the Pipit Market last Saturday. It was fun! This is my first time selling my cards at a booth. I was and still am excited about it. By doing this I feel I'm one step closer to my dream. Although I would not call it a success this time (not even close :P) but I won't give up. I'm looking forward to my next sale, with different strategy perhaps.

I shared my booth with Agnes from Dream Land Station this time. Our neighbour is Joan from Joan Bead House.

Ok, enough blabbering. Picture time~ Thanks to Agnes and Ivery for some of these pics :)
Click here to visit Agnes' blog

Click here to visit Agnes' shop

Click here to visit Joan's blog

Click here to visit Joan's shop

Click here to visit Lazybone's blog

Click here to see Pek Mun's Blog. Kiirey, who recently launched her own site, shares a booth with her ^^ Click here to check out her site.
Click here for Evangelione's blog
Click here for Evangelione's Shop (her works are awesome!)


luthien said...

wow! it looks awesome :)

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Shera said...

thanks u guys... dreaming bout my own shop ^^