Thursday, July 9, 2009

Card Request from a Loving Father

This is a request from Uncle Jackson, for his daughter's birthday. From my view, his daughter is a princess in his heart. He specially request it to be specially custom made (with her name) and big sized (for everybody in his office to sign). So I followed his request and hope this is big enough (almost A4 size - biggest card I've ever made so far). I'm not sure of Jasmine's taste and color preference, so I just design based on my 'feelings'... hhehehe... I hope she's into butterflies and flowers.

p/s: thanks to mum for helping me with the flowers and colors matching ^^


luthien said...

pretty! i'm sure she will love it!

Sl3epYbOnG said...


Anonymous said...

wow sheeerahie!!!!!!! this issssss gorgeous!!!!absolutely love the buttterflies and colour composition......goood work!!!

yiing :)

marlene said...

very sweet card! Love the "feminine" feel of this card. Love the buttons with strings on top of the flowers!

Shera said...

luthien, jun thanks!

yiing babeh, pleasant surprise to see your msg here ^^ thanks for the foam letters... i lurveeee em.... as much as i love uuuu...wakakakaka

marlene, the flowers are my mum's idea, she made them too.... ^^

Rachfaith said...

this is so cute!!!!!!!!!!