Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Pipit Wonderful Marketiers

Below is a list of most of the Vendors I found in Pipit Market. The names are linked to their blogs. Everybody has their own unique line of products. Sorry I don't have their product pictures. I took some pictures but most of them are blurry and think its no point posting them here. However, Agnes has some nice pics. You can visit her blog to see.

The names are not of any particular order, I just type whichever namecard on top of my stack here :) If you are one of the Marketiers and I have missed you out, I'm so sorry :P If you dont mind leaving a comment here with your link, I'll link you up ^^

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marlene said...

i visited evangelione and WOW AMAZING WORK LEH!!! I truly love her works!

丁华庆 said...


Shera said...

marlene, yep, i adore her works too.

Jason, gals like to buy alot small small things, meanwhile guys hardly buy things. but once guys buy things, those few things are normally BIG BIG thing lo..hahahha