Saturday, July 4, 2009

Pipit Wonderful Market Preparation

It's Saturday finally! 4th July - my first trial to open a booth by my own... I'm both excited, nervous, thrilled, worried, ready to have some fun and and yet stressed. Its a mixture of all kinds of feelings :)
Neways, before I go off to Times Square, just thought of sharing a few pic of my preparation, most of the stuff that I've been up to this week and the month before. ^^
Firstly, my namecard :)

My Shop 'Banner'.... simple last minute print out

My cards for sale, which is not much :(

And that's why I come out with my backup plan :P - customized orders...... perhaps??

Not to forget a little something for my beading buddies - handmade native beads from Sarawak :)

And finally, all packed and ready to go.......

OK, that's all.... wish me luck ^^


luthien said...

good luck shera! :) have a great day and enjoy the experience. i have no doubt that your cards would do very well :)) it's a fantastic preparation you made there ... you seem to have thought of everything! now all you have to do is ... have fun!!

Agnes Sim said...

now baru nampak ur post. hehe