Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Friendship Equation

As I grow older, I figured a little equation about friendship where I realize that the number of friends is inversely proportional to age. Basically meaning as your age increase, the number of friends (well i mean REAL ones) tends to decrease.

Anyways....... I brought my grandma and her buddies for CNY visiting. They are all at their 70's and still able to chat and care for each other. I think that is something rare and precious that should be treasured. Well, at least I know I would.
Arriving at Meigu's House
Getting ready to pose. (i like this pic)
and say cheese :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Shera...Glad I visited your blog today. I love the pictures of your grandma and her friends. Their friendship has come a long long way. It's so heartwarming. God bless their friendship.

Sheerah said...

Hi Serene!! Thanks for visiting :D Btw, sorry for asking again, wats ur blog addy?