Thursday, February 10, 2011

Random #6

Visited grandma to get her some lunch. This little fur-ball is getting bigger and fatter!
Watch the Green Hornet by Jay Chou ^^ Honestly I'm not that big a fan when it comes to his action movies, but I have say it was more than I expected, his English esp. This is the thing I love about Jay Chou - he's not afraid to try out new stuff. And here he is with his first Hollywood movie. Too bad gonna miss his concert in KL this March. *prang~!* .... yea, dats the sound of my heart breaking. haha. Oh well, next time la :)
Then went to Luzhou for CNY gathering. While jammin', Jason showed us some pretty awesome-goosebumpin' videos. Here are some of them to share with you guys :)
Seriously, I never realize Taylor Swift is so darn HOT~!
When I listen to his music, I see little wooden cottage in a big green field. Or the shade of a man playing with his dog at sunset. His song has that magic to paint a warm beautiful picture.

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