Sunday, February 13, 2011

Hui Yi Popo's Bday

Had a simple birthday celebration for Hui Yi Popo today. Grateful she is one of my grandma's good friend. She's a cute little popo :) Praying that God continue to bless her in the sweetest way. Some pictures to share :)
Popet-popet before lunch
The simple lunch
Fellowship on the table
More popet-ing
and more....
and more.....
and more........^^
the little birthday 'cake'
and group pictures :)
the birthday song


Auntie Mreen said...

Haha...our PoPo very expressive! Proud of you girl :)

vivacela said...

Haha..gurl. Glad to see ur posts again! I bet u had the best CNY huh? I see those Popos they do hav a great time together! haaaa.....

Rui Di said...

somehow the young one are wearing the same dress :p