Friday, February 25, 2011

Random #7

Blurzzzzzzz. Down with fever, cough and that irritating ear block thingy. Thank God I'm sweating now. Think dat'll get the fever to go away... The cough medicine reminds me of childhood days which I'm thankful, cuz I think I was a lucky lucky kid.
Made this little something for ah boy. Wanted to pass to him just now but got to the wrong work place..oops! :p Oh well, no rush i guess, but I just can't wait to give it out~!

til then, i think i'm almost out. i guess the medicine is doing its job. Gnitee~~


丁华庆 said...

take care and sleep well. by the way,
the hand writing on your medicine really nice leh..

vivacela said...

Yo well. Prayers with u. Get well soon so tht i can see your little productions soon! Hugsss..

(P.S: Haha.Thk u for visitng my blog. Well, I've been waiting for u to update on ur productions for a long time dy :D)