Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Pipit Wonderful Market

03.05.09 - Today is the First time I sell my cards in public :) Thanks to Pipit Market. Hehehe. So, this is my brand - Shera's Design :) The stalls & the crowd
Iggy, Yii Wen, Sii Keng & Sin Ai came to support my first sale. Thanks you guys. Means a lot to me. Really. My partners - Joan & Shi Min. Once again, thanks for making this possible for me. I never thought someone I met in the blogging world would just allow me to share a booth with them. We've never even met! This event is our first chance to meet in person ^^. Jeslyn came to visit our booth too but I forgot to take her picture.. argh!.. I'm really glad to have known you guys. It's a pity Agnes didn't show up though :P I'm excited I got to meet some of my bloggin friends in person too. Among them are:

Evangelione - her handmade skill is AMAZING... !! Love her miniatures, but too bad she didn't sell them that day. Her other works are also awesome.
Kiirey - who shows great passion for crafts and all things beautiful :) I've come to this conclusion from reseaches that she has done. Glad to have known you and thanks for all the tips!
Some other pictures that I grabbed from Joan's blog :P
I kinda did an "accounting" summary for my sales this time - something essential for any business I guess:

Sales I made - RM 67.50

Cost I used - approx RM 300 (I think...... :P)

Friendships developed - priceless

Experience gained - priceless

So, what do you think? Does this accounting report make sense? Is this worth it?

I don't know about you, but I think so. And I won't give up! ^^


Agnes Sim said... worth to try lo.. ;-)

Ah Sian said...


Joan said...

good try and good start~~

Evelyn said...

hey...u did a great job!! keep it up k! =)

Ciyou said...

its worth la~~ join this kind of event will meet more ppl with the same interest....