Sunday, May 3, 2009

I still love you no matter how old you get

I bought this stamp few days ago and I love it so much. So I made quite a few cards using it. I feel the wordings are very touching, especially from a five year old - so innocently sincere and sweet :) This stamp is Kate Harper's Reading by Inkadinkado. I find these wordings suitable for both mothers and girlfriends, to assure a love for them.

Actually, I didn't thought of blogging my cards today after feeling a bit disappointed with my sales today and also being dead tired after few days straight working on cards and almost 2 days didn't go home. BUT just then an angel msn me asked me for some card and I thought, instead of emailing it to him, why not just blog here and let him choose. Now, even though my eyes are dropping and my fingers are in pain, I feel a wierd sence of motivation and strength to go on.

Thank you my angel. Hope my selections have something that suits you. Hehehe.


Agnes Sim said...

the word stamp is make it at shop one also?

Shera said...

no no.. this is a ready made stamp i bought from craft haven in ONe U. Hehehe. Love it to bits!