Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Mum's Birthday (Part 5) be continued on my mum's birthday. I know its been a month already and I still have something to post. :)

This is her birthday dinner, which I invited "my" friends instead of her friends. Hehehe. Ok la, family friends la. Anyways, I invited Ruidi, Sandy & Hui to come over for dinner. My picture shows some homecook delicacy which I so crave for right now - Mum's sweet & spicy BIG headed prawn & claypot fish head, and also grandma's fried rice. There was a sour spicy hot soup which I forgot to take picture. I joined in the fun by cooking the guinness stout chicken. Supposed to be Heniken chicken but my assistant (ruidi) thought guinness stout is also 'beer', the term I used when I requested. Hahaha. Well, it kinda turns out for the best. I'm telling you it tasted pretty good using guinness stout. Of course, because the cook 'you liao' also la. AHEM... ;p

Neways, so much for story telling, just share some pictures with you lah.. Hehe.

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