Monday, August 10, 2009

I had a break

We had a not so pleasant surprise on Sunday early morning (6.30am), when my mum and I received a call from my dad saying that my brother needed an immediate hernia surgery. So following that, we had stayed in the hospital for 2 days to company him. I know this doesn't sound logical that I managed to take a break while helping to take care of a patient. But I felt this way. Of course at first it was tiring when he needed more care. But when he settled down to rest this morning, I got my rest too which I wouldnt have got if I hadn't taken emergency leave. Hehehe.. While I had nothing to do in the hospital (well, what can you do right?), I had many quiet times to read the BIG book (which I find it hard to do during my normal rush-hour days), and sleep (even though not too comfortably on a chair...) I kinda thank God for the lousy internet too, so that I had no choice but to quiet down and slow down. So I guess HE knows what I need and its some good thing in disguise :P It was probably my bro's most torturing moments in his life so far and I'm glad to be part of it. Hehehe.

These few weeks have been pretty crazy for me (time wise). Been rushing thru almost everything and hardly rested. I have tonnes of other stuff, pending to be blogged (as much as happenings from 3 weeks ago :p). Will do it one by one when I have slots of free time ^^ Gonna get more rest now first. See ya!

p/s: to those who sms-ed, called, encouraged, and prayed for my bro, thanks a bunch! appreciate it :) *touched*

My brother, still looking cool, even in a wheel chair :p


Rui Di said...

All the best, marc and sheerah :) remembered you guys in prayer.
Sheerah: yea GOD is indeed the most understanding GOD that we can hardly imagine his almighty

Eve said...


"HE" will be with you and your bro to keep you company. God bless you both. Rest more ok.


Shera said...

thank u guys :)

i agree, our God is the greatest God. If God is with us, who can be against us?

marlene said...

Praying for you

Agnes Sim said... is ur bro now? wish he can recover soon...send my regards to him. ;-) u need to take more rest too oh.. :p

Shera said...

Agnes, he's getting better liao.. thanks :)