Wednesday, August 12, 2009

New Look for my Shop

Ahh~~~~ Finally... after many many weeks, I manage to ALMOST finish this 'renovation' for my online card shop. Well, basically I just changed some stuff to make browsing easier and also made the whole thingy to look simpler (it looks more professional when its simple :P)

So, these are what I've basically done. You could also visit to see the actual one :) I intend to upload more old pictures for viewing. Argh! So much to do, so little time! Well, mainly also because I'm slow with these pc stuff :P Oh well, please drop by if you're free. Happy browsing ^^ and comments / advices are welcomed.

My Shop Banner ^^ and navigation bars. Thanks to Agnes for teaching me this.
The 'Home' Page'What's New' Page
The 'Individual Items' Page


luthien said...

wow!! it looks wonderful!! how exciting!! gambateh! ;o)

Shera said...

thanks luthien ^^ Hey, u learnt the word d .... hehehe...

Agnes Sim said...

wow..finally u got time to do it. hehe