Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Thanks to Mike's linking in facebook, I got to know a wonderful voice. Very relaxing, crisp, soothing voice... I feel like floating in the clouds when I listen to her... She also shows very unique personality in her self introduction.... 有个性,我喜欢! Check her out... :)


Information below is abstracted from youtube:

Music Performance by Ika

IkaOrganic and natural, this is a female singer/songwriter with the perfect kind of presence for this easy listening brand of music.With a voice that is undeniably confident and mature, she effortlessly breathes new life into her acoustic sounding collection of songs that can be enjoyed over and over.

IKA 自我介绍:弹着不ok的吉他,写过没有大红大紫的歌曲,幸好有一把会说故事的歌声,偶 尔说一段小故事,唱一个小情绪。在流行音乐的圈子里似有似无的呆了好几年,老板说出门 要化全妆,不准穿拖鞋,要戴墨镜这道理我不懂!我好喜欢穿拖鞋,更喜欢赤着脚唱歌,只 要双脚可以温柔而踏实的直接触碰地面,我就准备好了。

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