Tuesday, August 11, 2009

More Snail Mails to Brag About

Haha.. Yep, i'm with more stuff to "hien" (sarawak mandarin slang for "brag about" or "show off") Well, actually while hien-ing, I wanted to show my gratitude la :P So on the same week I got a parcel from Agnes (3 weeks ago i think :P), I received another 2 snail mails.. check that out - 3 SNAIL MAILS IN ONE WEEK!!! (what are the odds?)

First it was my swapping gift from Evelyn. We joined this handcraft swap organized by Agnes and it was fun :) Anyways, Evelyn made me a sweet little card with the panda bear and pinky flowers. I love how she add patterns on the bear, very creative and hip! ^^ Then there is also a personalize handmade notebook, with my name on it! She even laminated the cover and the papers inside are multi-colored. All handmade... very sweet, very nice. Thank Evelyn! ^^ Oh, to see the rest of the lovely handmade stuffs in the swap, you can visit HERE.

Then my third surprise (really pleasant one) is from my best friend, Gin Li, all the way from London! She bot me 3D stickers! One is a candy series, another one is an animal series. All are in very sweet pastel colors. Love them love them love them! Thank you my babeh. I can't wait to play around with these ^^

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