Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Another kind of toy for me :)

The La Marzocco machine is the baby to manually make handcrafted espresso drinks. We have the automated Verismo in our store which is more convenient but with things automated there's not much skill required to making the coffee. To me, making coffee is an art and with the La Marzocco you can feel that. My boss knew I wanted to play with this machine and it was so thoughtful of him to bring me along to the Christmas party at Shah Alam today, where the store has a La Marzocco. I felt paisay to make more drinks other than the ordered drinks (wasting other people's cost ma... :p). So only made one order of Caramel Macchiato. The experience is totally awesome! I'm actually starting to miss it already... whu whu... Wish I had one of these babies at home to experiment myself.

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Joan said...

cool.... u really enjoy ur life now