Thursday, December 24, 2009

Season of Giving

I received the parcel from Seng Seng yesterday.... Oh my.. goodies goodies! The plush toy is so so cute!... Aw~~~~~so wu sim la!! it love it..... ^^ Thank you Seng Seng!!~~~
Then this morning found 2 snail mail in my mail box!! Woohoo!! Christmas cards from Agnes and Evelyn. You gals are so sweet to think of me ler... I feel so bad that I didn't make any cards for my KL friends this year :(

Check out their cards ^^ Very de wu sim la...... Evelyn made ornaments using felts.... and decorated them with very lovely ribbons :) .....And Agnes, she is worried I'll find her cards not nice.... of course I wouldnt mind... grrrr.... Your choice of paper and colors are really ngam. Love love it..... ^^ Thank you thank you!!!
And I got all the cards hung up on my 'Christmas Tree' :p Sui bor?


marlene said...

Wa.. Sui~!!!!!

Eve said...

weeee~ i saw my card!!! Merry Christmas Sheerah! you're such a sweet gal to forget! haha!

Agnes Sim said...

haha..ur xmas sui la sui la..and of course my card is sui also. hahaaaaa
happy tat u like it la. :p