Monday, December 21, 2009

My First Piano Teacher

Accidently bumped into my first piano teacher, Mei Lian Lao Shi, today! ^^ I was six when I started learning with her. She is a very very caring and patient teacher. For a lazy student like me, she never scolded me, but passionately taught me. I still remember spending the night at her place before my piano exam. She would take extra time to coach me, then drive me to exam next day, all the while taking care of my food, place to sleep etc. After my grade 4, she got married and moved to brunei. Since then, I've hardly seen her. She's one the best teachers you can ever find and I'm really glad I bumped into her today :)

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beautifulcloud said...

Ya, now I remember you did stay overnight at her place. Yes, she is a great teacher with so much loving kindness. I appreciate her too. Infact, she offered to take you in as her student when other piano teachers prefer 7 yrs old at least cos she saw the potential in you. May God bless her more.