Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Now it's starting to feel like christmas

Yawn~~~~~~~~ Finally, I started making my christmas cards this year. I know its really really late already! It's already December and i JUST started.. gosh! With my rest day today, I tried my best to make as many as I could. I manage to make 12 cards tonight. ^^ Not bad, ...not bad at all (well for my pace, this is considered pretty fast :p) As always, I love Christmas and is very excited about it. Guess that's where my inspirations come from. Tonight has been a luxury night for me - playing some classical jazzy christmas music and making cards. I even met my best buddy online and got to chat. Hehe... Enjoyed myself to the max ^^

Since its so late already, I'm lazy to take pictures and post it up. Guess I'll wait till morning tomorrow and do that. Till then, I've taken some sneak peek shots to show you guys first :)

Hope you'll enjoy the pictures as much as I do making them ^^ ... Goodnight.

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Ciyou said...

that is just gorgous.... lovely cards