Friday, December 11, 2009

My First Christmas Gift

This year will be my first time not spending christmas at home. So, I'm not expecting gifts, but hey... its only the 1oth and I got my first present!! Its Basic Grey Christmas papers and a handmade card from Marlene!! Woohoo~~~ ^^ She's sending out mostly printed cards this year that I'm so so honored and touched that I receive one of her handmade cards... and in my favourite color!! She also packaged everything well. Check out that paper bag.. hehehe ^^ Thank you Marlene. You made my day :)
The Card
Basic Grey Papers!
And I received these pins @ work today. They are going into my Starbucks collection. Aren't they pretty? I just love all the starbucks designs :)

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Agnes Sim said...

hey..where u get the pin?