Friday, October 30, 2009

Training Class @ Starbucks

Had my 1 and a half days training in the starbucks HQ. This is something I appreciate about the company, their effort to train :)
This is my favourite part in the class. Tasting and describing coffee ^^
Just goofing around. The room was cold!!!
And tonnes of awesome stickers for our coffee passport. I took a lot more, which are in the store now. Will take pictures and upload some other time ^^ Oh, can't wait to see them again! We were soooo excited and got over hyper that the facilitator regretted she agreed to let us take.. hehehhee..... For a moment we were like 5 year olds there.

More Cards for October

Just realize I've got a couple more cards that I didn't upload :P Well, just some simple invitation and message holders... :)

Happy Birthday Azura & Sharon

This is an outdated post :P On 17.10.09 (Friday) after closing, our store had a surprise birthday party for two of our partners, Azura and Sharon. Azura (right) is one of the managers in the store and she has taught me a lot. She is strict which I appreciate as this maintains the store quality. As for Sharon (left), I havent worked with her yet. This is the first time I met her. She seems shy but sweet. Cant wait to work with her and know her more :)

And so I did my usual thingy - making cards. But this time I added in some starbucks logo to add more sentimental value to it. I believe "Starbucks" and "SP2" are two words that reminds the partners of a very warm, close and belonging feeling. Party pictures by Shih Yeen.

Dancer Birthday Card

An old friend of mine requested a birthday card for her dancing friend. She even had a very elegant picture of her friend dancing. Wow! So pretty! I was inspired by her beauty and thought of design the card using butterfly reassembling her elegance and gracefulness.

Ben & Mandy's 2nd Anniversary

Been pretty busy lately with my new job that I hardly have time to craft, let alone to blog about it. Feels like it's been ages since I've blog about cards. However, thank God I still have some time to do crafting. This is one of my latest projects this month, requested by Mandy for her 2nd anniversary :) My first attempt to make an "almost proper" book.
The pages designed as a calendar for each month(Mandy's idea). I design the left page with some pockets to insert pictures and note cards that she writes messages for him or copy down sms that she treasures :)
Mini envelopes to insert their tickets.
Calendars jotting down the movies, birthdays, valentines and other festive dates that they celebrated together. She'll add more in on places they've visited.
The note cards for messages and sms records :) and more pictures below showing inserted ones.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My First Bar Closing

I had my first try in bar closing today. Man that's a lot of stuff to clean!! Thank God for helpful partners. I think I did less than 50% of the job myself *blush*..... Ok, lesson to be continued next time ^^
New coffee - Sumatra peru blend. This is our store's new coffee that goes with our "shared planet promo". This coffee is specially grown in a way that it saves our environment and gives a better future for our farmers ^^..... I don't remember much about the facts though. There's more description for it :P
Our partners all have another identity of their true self once the shuttle is closed. These two are our managers on duty. ^^
And of course, the mamak gathering afterwards.
and oh, I got my name tag already...... isn't it cool? ^^

Friday, October 23, 2009

After Closing Quality Time

This is our 'after closing quality time'.... as how my partner Han describes it ^^

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Scrubbing with Joy

Since the store today was not busy, our MOD (manager on duty) asked us to scrub the floor of the whole cafe..... BY HAND!!! and TILES BY TILES!!! Man, I didn't know the floor has its 'original' color. Hahaha. Sure looks good and clean. Even though its very tiring and gives me some sore muscles (kononnya la I got muscles :P) it gives me a wierd sense of satisfaction seeing it so different and clean. ^^ and I'm glad, our partners make such effort to keep our store so clean and welcoming :)