Friday, October 9, 2009

Early Morning Card Making (Part 1)

I flew back today to celebrate grandma's birthday. This has been an annual routine since I worked in KL. Flight was early morning and I had my night shift last night. With only less than 2 hours to sleep... I thought better not sleep and just make some cards. And so I did. I made 2 cards - one for grandma and another one I'll post it in my next post.
So yep, this is my card for grandma :) Pink and flowery. I designed this so cuz I realize she likes my flowery designs. Hehehe.
Also while I was up, I prepared this gift for grandma - a photo album
With all kinds of family pictures ^^


marlene said...

very sweet present. your grandma cry ka when she receives this...

Sheerah said...

i never see my grandma cry all my life... but she was happy to receive it... her expressions are caught on video in my last post today ^^