Thursday, October 1, 2009

What I believe in

Today, 01.10.09 Thursday, might just be a very important turning point in my life. I have chosen to take a rather big turn in my career to join Starbucks. I want to take a moment to write down my beliefs, so that at times of despair when things get tough and I'm about to give up, I can look back at this and remember the 'fire' in me that got me started. I thank God for my many passions and dream.

And I bot a small note book to record what I need to remember in my Starbucks learning process and I name it:
And here's what I believe in:

I believe in living life with passion - loving what you do, and doing what you love

I believe that passion comes from what you dream for

I believe that even the greatest dreams start small, from the simplest day dreams

I believe in following your dreams, even though it means working twice as hard

I believe in failures and sacrifices on the way

I believe that the passion for it will give determination, endurance and persistence to go on

I believe that even though the journey is tough and lonely, God is watching over me and I believe in HIS perfect timings.

I believe in living for HIM and that God will grant me my dream if it glorifies HIM.

Even then, I believe in trying over and over and over again

and last but most important of all, being the fundamental reason behind my crazy decisions and actions....

I believe in DREAMS COME TRUE.


Rachfaith said...

you mean u r not an engineer anymore?
Did you buy the franchise over?

Rui Di said...

she is a small barista now...but who knows yes when engineer + barista will become barigineer next time!

all the best sheerah...always remember you in prayer..


Joan said...

yeah~~~ dream comes true....congrat

丁华庆 said...

i believe in you.

Sheerah said...

thanks guys! hugzz

AngelineNgui said...

Yes, i believe in you!!!