Monday, October 12, 2009

Some more First time's

After doing about 5-6 closings, I had my first opening today. I reach there early and love the peaceful sight of pyramid and sunway lagoon before the crowds start filling the space. So, i took some pictures.
I had many first times this morning. First time learning opening task. First time holding a cash drawer. Gosh, that is really challenging. I practically forgot to do everything else when I did that. Talk about multitasking man! Hahaha. and the most interesting part~! I got to learn to make my first cup of cuppuccino!!! Woohoo...!! Well, I'm not certified to make any for customers yet. But my learning coach was so nice to teach me and that she say I could make one for myself. yay! ^^
It is a tough and tiring day. With so many new things to learn. But I was glad I got grandma's special stuffed brinjals for dinner ^^ She purposely made some for me to bring back KL. She made the fish stuffings herself. Sweetest things I've ever received. And they are really really yummy.


joanna said...

ya...not enough for me.... :(

Sheerah said...

hahaha... someone jealous again~~

beautifulcloud said...

ya make me hungry. You must be vy hungry too cos you bit off a chip of your plate :) hahaha...glad you are happy with your new learnings but PoPo has her better assure her you are ok.