Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Azura & Sharon

This is an outdated post :P On 17.10.09 (Friday) after closing, our store had a surprise birthday party for two of our partners, Azura and Sharon. Azura (right) is one of the managers in the store and she has taught me a lot. She is strict which I appreciate as this maintains the store quality. As for Sharon (left), I havent worked with her yet. This is the first time I met her. She seems shy but sweet. Cant wait to work with her and know her more :)

And so I did my usual thingy - making cards. But this time I added in some starbucks logo to add more sentimental value to it. I believe "Starbucks" and "SP2" are two words that reminds the partners of a very warm, close and belonging feeling. Party pictures by Shih Yeen.

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