Saturday, October 3, 2009

Art for Grabs (Part 3) - The Market

And after a satisfying lunch. We walk there - Central Market. First thing that caught our attention was the rubbish bin with smoke coming out of it. Hehe.
Central Market sells many interesting handicrafts! We spent quite some time window shopping there. Must come again!
And finally, here we are~
The atmosphere
Met Tako and Ms. Ireen ^^
Some stuffs sold there
Guess what I bot. Cookie monster earrings!! They are Clay Valley Products. Very very cute! Check them out HERE.
Balik lu~~
Namecards that I collected


Agnes Sim said... many namecards u collected. :p i took 1 from tako only and i din buy any things. hehe

Eve said...

hey Shera,

nice day out to the art for grabs. How come you didn't take part le? hehe!