Friday, October 30, 2009

Ben & Mandy's 2nd Anniversary

Been pretty busy lately with my new job that I hardly have time to craft, let alone to blog about it. Feels like it's been ages since I've blog about cards. However, thank God I still have some time to do crafting. This is one of my latest projects this month, requested by Mandy for her 2nd anniversary :) My first attempt to make an "almost proper" book.
The pages designed as a calendar for each month(Mandy's idea). I design the left page with some pockets to insert pictures and note cards that she writes messages for him or copy down sms that she treasures :)
Mini envelopes to insert their tickets.
Calendars jotting down the movies, birthdays, valentines and other festive dates that they celebrated together. She'll add more in on places they've visited.
The note cards for messages and sms records :) and more pictures below showing inserted ones.


marlene said...

Amazing masterpiece! Good job leh! Aku suka :)

halimah said...

wow! this is nice..good job!

Sheerah said...

marlene, thanks for the help in photo editing ^^