Friday, April 30, 2010


Saw her sing this song in a show on TV. Love her lyrics. As we grow up, face different difficulties, we might get hurt and lose that innocent 15-year-old heart. However, this song encourage us to never give up, and keep/find back that innocent us :) No matter what life may offer, you can close yourself up, never believe in anything or anybody again OR you can face it with that simple, clean, innocent 15-year-old heart and find relieve. It's a choice actually :) Stuff in the past can't continue to hurt you unless you let it.

And this song reminds me of the quote:
Dance like nobody's watching
Love like you've never been hurt
Sing like nobody's listening
Live like it's heaven on earth
- Mark Twain -

Starting to like Rene and find her songs' lyrics very 'weighted'. Also, when she sings, she's like toking to you with her song. Its like her eyes can tell story :)

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Randoms #2

I find little random things happening in my life that I want to share but not sure what category to put them in and what titles to give them. So, I've just decided to categorize them under randoms. Hehehe.

When I got to work today, my manager handed me this. My unimates dropped by while I was not working and left me this. Find it kinda sweet and kinda cool. And touched by the thought to keep in touch and come to find me in Starbucks.......after all these years. Miss those uni days... one of the best days I've ever had, one of the best.
And today I finally finished my bible reading in Genesis :D This is the first time I survive Genesis and get to enter Exodus. In the past, I just drown together with the rest when God saved Noah during the 40days flood. Haha... With this tiny success, I'm somehow more motivated to go on. Yeah!! Gambateh!! ^^ Moses, I'm looking forward to meet you!
And for purpose driven life today, it talks about God wanting to be my best friend. 'WOW' right? Who am I to deserve such friendship? And ways to develope the friendship? - Constant conversation and constant meditating of God's words. I tend to forget his presence when I get into my everyday life. So to remind myself of that, I wrote these on my hand with a marker.

M.O.G.L.O.M = more of God, less of me. Inspired by Van Ness. ^^ Choose to write it there so I'll always see it. I need to look at my hands a lot when I'm working esp. Been having this for 2 days already during work. Hope won't be 'corrected', as 'tattoo's are not allowed. If so, I would have to think of another way to remind myself.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Just some random stuffs to share :) Dad got back 2 pups. Until we get better ideas for their names, I've decided to call them........
And mum cooked crabs again tonight ^^ Tonight's crabbys are BIG ...Yum yum yum
And these chicken chops are AWESOME~! Tender, juicy, well seasoned - cooked JUST right. You know what I mean right? :p
Took a short video of our crabby's feast. Alan joined us for dinner today ^^
This is the thing I enjoyed most being at home. Dinner with family and superb home cooked food. Actually, doesn't matter what is served, I'll love it. I thank God for my family and for these lovely meals ^^ Probably the thing I'm not really thankful for is my expanding waist line. *urgh~!* Other than that, again, it's ALL good ^^

Latte Art (some sort of)

I've been attempting latte art but always ended up with a big and round shape. Today is the first time I made something where the shape is obvious. Still much room for improvement but I'm SUPER excited! ^^
This is a common meal and drink I have during my working hours - double tall caramel latte and toffee nut muffin. I thank God for employee beverage and employee meals provided in Starbucks. I get to save quite a bit with this :)

Mum's Birthday 2010

It's Mum's 53rd birthday today. We invited her close friends (Ameigu, Olang, Pastor Tiger) and family (Uncle Dan and family) over for dinner to celebrate. And to make things better, my brother Marcus is back in town. I'm sure she's very happy to have him around to celebrate her birthday. Dad's idea, sweet right? Hehehe.

I woke up late, had late brunch, went shopping for dinner stuff and spent the whole afternoon preparing dinner until the guests arrived :)

And so we had dinner, or more of a feast, chit chat, do the birthday thing - sing birthday song, blow candle, cut cake (together with Pastor Tiger whose birthday falls on April as well), and eat some more and chit chat some more. It's like what the songs say - its a good good night....

I'm blessed to have my mum as my mum and grateful for all the things she has done for us. ^^ Praying that she enjoyed her day and that God continue to bless her.

And as usual, pictures to share :D
As always, start every event by saying grace ^^
And dig in!
And dig in MORE!
The boys enjoying their crabs.... with funny espressions.. haha
This Tiramisu cake is a surprised present from Sam, Tim and Sarah. 3 little kids who simply adore my mum. How sweet is dat? The shape of the cake is so unique and it tasted goooodd :)
And a group picture
Picture with Uncle Dan & Family
Same smiles
And now the whole family
Tiffany drew this picture for Mum
Sealed in a 'hangbag' envelope. Very creative
Ivan drew this for Mum. He likes to add some 'strange objects' to his work of art.
And check out his 2 piece envelope. Who would have thought he'd come out with that?
And this is what I made for her. My 2nd card in Miri.
Took a video of the birthday song :)

Orait, need to read my bible and off to bed. Early shift tomorrow. It's been a busy tiring day, but it's ALL good. And time well spent :)

Sunday, April 25, 2010

My New Year Resolutions

A little too late for new year resolutions? I don't think so~! ^^ After moving back to Miri, I've been quite lost. And I realized I needed motivation to get myself back on my feet. And to get motivations, I need goals to look forward to. And if I were to set any goal, let it be a spiritual one and I believe the rest will follow :) To be honest, I've never been that hardworking on spiritual sides and I've always been slacking. But with HIS grace, I guess it's not too late to realize its importance and not too late to start. Praying that I will have the perseverance to finish it.

Goal 1: Finish reading the bible in a year. Start: 15th April 2010. ETD: 14th April 2011.
Goal 2: Reread 40 days purpose driven life - seriously. I find many inspiring quotes and verses during my last read but was too lazy to do anything about it and forget them all already. This time, I'm gonna make an effort to remember them and live them out :D Thank God I got my beloved kaki's in christ to company me on my 40 days journey this time. Marlene and Jason - Gambateh~! ^^
Since my brains has limited memory space, I thought of doing something to make myself remember better. I bought a small notebook to jot down the scriptures, quotes and points that I want to remember. I carry this in my handbag. So whenever I'm waiting for someone outside, or walking down the street to work, I could take this out and glance through a short phrase and try to memorize it. As for the mug picture, this shows a tea I usually drink during my devotional time and a mug I always use. ^^

Friday, April 23, 2010

Van Ness Fever

Like many other gals, I get idol fevers every now and then. Well, to name a few - Jay Chou (still his loyal fan now :p), Jam Xiao, Rynn Lin, Vic Chou etc. I'd think about them, admiring their musical talents or got caught up with their charm in their movies/drama series. *blush* But unlike my other fevers where I got carried away with the artists' talent, looks or movie character, this fever is different. For this fever, I was moved by his life ^^

I got to know Van Ness from Meteor Garden. Back then, I find him cool with his ABC styles but never find him attractive. Lately, I watched his drama series called "Autumn Concerto". The movie is nice, touching and his acting skills improved a lot but still I didn't find him very special. Probably most girls would find him sexy with his muscular looks but that has never worked on me. I guess only God knows why I'm attracted to skinny guys. Haha. As for his music, i think it's great that he could produce his own album and stuff but hip hop is just something I'll never understand... like classical music .. Hehe.

However, a reverent's wife in my church told me he's a christian and he's not ashamed to share his faith in public. Now, that got me curious. So I started searching about him on the net and his blog was the first link to come out when I googled his name. And BAM! Reading his blog got me inspired and from then I never look at him the same way again. He shares about his everyday life every now and then. And I found some youtube video about his testimonials. I see his love, his joy, his faith, his energy.... to live to the fullest everyday. I also see his determination to live a life that is pleasing to God. And to know that God is the reason behind his change really inspires me ^^ Seeing his testimonial got me inspired to deepen my r.ship with HIM. From this 'fever', I also realized, when a guy has the love and fear for God, even a normal guy can be oh so charming and attractive ^^

I know he's never gonna read this, but its ok. I still wana thank you, Van Ness, for the inspiration and awareness I received from your testimonial. Praying that God will continue to use you, bless you and may others be blessed through you.

So yep, you can say I got a VanNess fever and I'll be stalking his blog from now on. Hehehe.

1. Picture above shows him wearing a shirt he designed himself saying "God is better than Sex"
2. Video below shows an interview of him sharing his faith/experience with God. It's about an hour long but its worth a watch :)
3. To go to his blog, click HERE

Ask for MORE

I'm totally crazy about our new promotional drinks. I'm not normally a frappucino person but man, these are too damn good to resist~! Also, this SUPER HOT weather kinda makes me crave for them.. and I think it helps with our promotion too. Everybody's looking for something GOOODDD to chill :D

Check out our Espresso and Cream Frappucino Blended Coffee - Coffee ice-blended with freshly ground espresso beans, topped with espresso whipped cream and espresso sprinkles :D If you're an espresso/coffee lover, this bad boy is what you need for a hot day ^^

Tips: things get better with chocolate chips :D
I added chocolate chips to my strawberries and cream today... and the outcome? - OOOoooHH La Laaaaa~~~~~~ Berrylicious~!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Obsessed with Strawberries :D

New promo in da house - STRAWBERRIES!!!! Ice blended cream shaken with yummy strawberries puree and topped with whipped cream. ^^ Promotion remains till June and till then, this baby shall be THE FAVOURITE of my favourite drinks.

To sum it up:
Strawberries Indulgence = Absolute bliss~! ^^ *slurps*


Finally, YES FINALLY i got to spend time with my babies again. Woohoo~!! Well, my crafting corner is still a big mess and I can hardly find anything but still, at least I got things started ey? I got some new stuff from Scrap-n-Crop lately and decided to play with it. After some fumbling around, I manage to come out with my first card to be 'born' in miri....(yea, its been 2 1/2 months)... Outcome? So so la....
and also a very questionable bookmark/notecard..... not even sure what I should call it..... haha.. (but i love the stamp and the saying tho :p)
so, obviously.........
then, thanks to my big butt and limited cramped space, THIS happened~! ..... Not even gonna think how many loose pieces and categories of stuff are there, I just dumped everything back into the box and put it away.. Haha....
BUT, all in all,...... still.......
that I got to see my babies again ^^

Monday, April 19, 2010

Birthday 2010 (Part 5) - MORE Blessings :)

Yep, I got more showers of blessings for my birthday...... so much that I might just drown in it. Haha. I thank God for friends who NEVER fail to remember my birthday and all the love and thoughts showered upon me. ^^
Gin Li babeh, thanks for the super duper cute card. I know you're reading this. Sorry I didnt update my blog for so long. :p Thank you for your friendship - always being there, no matter where on earth you are. Whenever I think of you, I thank God for our friendship. Love you... Muaks~!
Got an angbao from Ah Po. ^^
Marlene, thank you for the delicate thoughts in preparing my card and gift. I love every bit of it - from the packing to the card and of course, the wonderful notebook. I'm still thinking what to write in it. Kinda 'bu she de' wana write anything in it.. because, you know la, my handwriting so "nice"... and scared write wrongly wana change how?.... haiyo.....sure spoil the nice book. *heartbreaks*
MUST take a close up of the notebook. The cover is fabric leh~... loving the feel of it on my fingertips :D
And finally, got these cute little gifts from Iggy and Yvonne(the puzzle) .... and Ahui (the harmonica). The picture was taken during my birthday last year when they celebrated with me in KL. Time flies. It's been a year already. They might not celebrate with me this year, but they STILL remember. *touched~*.... as always.

And with that, there goes my birthday celebration this year. It's ALL good and I'm thankful :D Praying that God will continue to guide and that I will see what he wants me to do with my life this year and I will have an obedient heart. Praying that my faith will grow and I will be more like HIM. Lord, I'm willing. I'm willing. Please guide me and let me 'see'.

Birthday 2010 (Part 4) - Dinner

Ok ok, i know i know. My birthday has passed exactly a month already and i'm still blogging about it? Hahaha... Well, yeah, been kinda busy and lazy lately... The thought of just forgetting bout it did crossed my mind BUT memories like this are too worthy to forget and not to share :) I guess that's the whole purpose of my blogging life - to share stuff that are too important to forget.

Ok, back to the topic. My birthday celebration continued with dinner @ imperial hotel. We decided to go there is because of the live music (they are AWESOME~!) and Joanna wanna try out the beijing duck. It's been years since I've celebrated my birthday with family in Miri and I'm telling you, there's like spending your birthday with the people that matters the most to you :D As usual, some pics to share.

Everybody in their places, waiting for the food *slurps*
The waiter and waitress preparing the beijing duck oh so professionally .. Hehe..
And the taste? ....... picture-proven...
And of course, I got my after-dinner coffee.....
accompanied by the wonderful live music by the Blue Horizon Trio. They sang for me that night a birthday song, the songs i requested and something not on the list - 'My Girl'...... it was all very lovely. Love 'em to bits! ^^
After dinner, Marlene ajak me out for yamcha again..... Adui, really eating NON STOP!! Neways, after quite some time away from Miri, I'm thankful for friends I still have here and some new friends that I've made. God guides. His grace is enough for me.