Friday, April 23, 2010

Van Ness Fever

Like many other gals, I get idol fevers every now and then. Well, to name a few - Jay Chou (still his loyal fan now :p), Jam Xiao, Rynn Lin, Vic Chou etc. I'd think about them, admiring their musical talents or got caught up with their charm in their movies/drama series. *blush* But unlike my other fevers where I got carried away with the artists' talent, looks or movie character, this fever is different. For this fever, I was moved by his life ^^

I got to know Van Ness from Meteor Garden. Back then, I find him cool with his ABC styles but never find him attractive. Lately, I watched his drama series called "Autumn Concerto". The movie is nice, touching and his acting skills improved a lot but still I didn't find him very special. Probably most girls would find him sexy with his muscular looks but that has never worked on me. I guess only God knows why I'm attracted to skinny guys. Haha. As for his music, i think it's great that he could produce his own album and stuff but hip hop is just something I'll never understand... like classical music .. Hehe.

However, a reverent's wife in my church told me he's a christian and he's not ashamed to share his faith in public. Now, that got me curious. So I started searching about him on the net and his blog was the first link to come out when I googled his name. And BAM! Reading his blog got me inspired and from then I never look at him the same way again. He shares about his everyday life every now and then. And I found some youtube video about his testimonials. I see his love, his joy, his faith, his energy.... to live to the fullest everyday. I also see his determination to live a life that is pleasing to God. And to know that God is the reason behind his change really inspires me ^^ Seeing his testimonial got me inspired to deepen my r.ship with HIM. From this 'fever', I also realized, when a guy has the love and fear for God, even a normal guy can be oh so charming and attractive ^^

I know he's never gonna read this, but its ok. I still wana thank you, Van Ness, for the inspiration and awareness I received from your testimonial. Praying that God will continue to use you, bless you and may others be blessed through you.

So yep, you can say I got a VanNess fever and I'll be stalking his blog from now on. Hehehe.

1. Picture above shows him wearing a shirt he designed himself saying "God is better than Sex"
2. Video below shows an interview of him sharing his faith/experience with God. It's about an hour long but its worth a watch :)
3. To go to his blog, click HERE

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marlene said...

yea:) found him attractive too from the Xia Yi Zhan Xing Fu. and agree with..."a guy has the love and fear for God, even a normal guy can be oh so charming and attractive" :) if that guy already so charming than so love GOD -bu de liao :)