Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Mum's Birthday 2010

It's Mum's 53rd birthday today. We invited her close friends (Ameigu, Olang, Pastor Tiger) and family (Uncle Dan and family) over for dinner to celebrate. And to make things better, my brother Marcus is back in town. I'm sure she's very happy to have him around to celebrate her birthday. Dad's idea, sweet right? Hehehe.

I woke up late, had late brunch, went shopping for dinner stuff and spent the whole afternoon preparing dinner until the guests arrived :)

And so we had dinner, or more of a feast, chit chat, do the birthday thing - sing birthday song, blow candle, cut cake (together with Pastor Tiger whose birthday falls on April as well), and eat some more and chit chat some more. It's like what the songs say - its a good good night....

I'm blessed to have my mum as my mum and grateful for all the things she has done for us. ^^ Praying that she enjoyed her day and that God continue to bless her.

And as usual, pictures to share :D
As always, start every event by saying grace ^^
And dig in!
And dig in MORE!
The boys enjoying their crabs.... with funny espressions.. haha
This Tiramisu cake is a surprised present from Sam, Tim and Sarah. 3 little kids who simply adore my mum. How sweet is dat? The shape of the cake is so unique and it tasted goooodd :)
And a group picture
Picture with Uncle Dan & Family
Same smiles
And now the whole family
Tiffany drew this picture for Mum
Sealed in a 'hangbag' envelope. Very creative
Ivan drew this for Mum. He likes to add some 'strange objects' to his work of art.
And check out his 2 piece envelope. Who would have thought he'd come out with that?
And this is what I made for her. My 2nd card in Miri.
Took a video of the birthday song :)

Orait, need to read my bible and off to bed. Early shift tomorrow. It's been a busy tiring day, but it's ALL good. And time well spent :)

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