Monday, April 19, 2010

Birthday 2010 (Part 4) - Dinner

Ok ok, i know i know. My birthday has passed exactly a month already and i'm still blogging about it? Hahaha... Well, yeah, been kinda busy and lazy lately... The thought of just forgetting bout it did crossed my mind BUT memories like this are too worthy to forget and not to share :) I guess that's the whole purpose of my blogging life - to share stuff that are too important to forget.

Ok, back to the topic. My birthday celebration continued with dinner @ imperial hotel. We decided to go there is because of the live music (they are AWESOME~!) and Joanna wanna try out the beijing duck. It's been years since I've celebrated my birthday with family in Miri and I'm telling you, there's like spending your birthday with the people that matters the most to you :D As usual, some pics to share.

Everybody in their places, waiting for the food *slurps*
The waiter and waitress preparing the beijing duck oh so professionally .. Hehe..
And the taste? ....... picture-proven...
And of course, I got my after-dinner coffee.....
accompanied by the wonderful live music by the Blue Horizon Trio. They sang for me that night a birthday song, the songs i requested and something not on the list - 'My Girl'...... it was all very lovely. Love 'em to bits! ^^
After dinner, Marlene ajak me out for yamcha again..... Adui, really eating NON STOP!! Neways, after quite some time away from Miri, I'm thankful for friends I still have here and some new friends that I've made. God guides. His grace is enough for me.

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