Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Just some random stuffs to share :) Dad got back 2 pups. Until we get better ideas for their names, I've decided to call them........
And mum cooked crabs again tonight ^^ Tonight's crabbys are BIG ...Yum yum yum
And these chicken chops are AWESOME~! Tender, juicy, well seasoned - cooked JUST right. You know what I mean right? :p
Took a short video of our crabby's feast. Alan joined us for dinner today ^^
This is the thing I enjoyed most being at home. Dinner with family and superb home cooked food. Actually, doesn't matter what is served, I'll love it. I thank God for my family and for these lovely meals ^^ Probably the thing I'm not really thankful for is my expanding waist line. *urgh~!* Other than that, again, it's ALL good ^^

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Yiing2 said...

Gitling!!!!!!!!!!!!! Albert san asked me to ask you if the pups are german shepherd? cause he is so in love with german shepherd and keep saying the pups are...i said i have no idea and he keep pestering me to ask you..so there we go, i am asking you here..bfore i star study...wuhahahha in another word- procrastinating!!!!!!!!!!!!! argh!