Sunday, April 25, 2010

My New Year Resolutions

A little too late for new year resolutions? I don't think so~! ^^ After moving back to Miri, I've been quite lost. And I realized I needed motivation to get myself back on my feet. And to get motivations, I need goals to look forward to. And if I were to set any goal, let it be a spiritual one and I believe the rest will follow :) To be honest, I've never been that hardworking on spiritual sides and I've always been slacking. But with HIS grace, I guess it's not too late to realize its importance and not too late to start. Praying that I will have the perseverance to finish it.

Goal 1: Finish reading the bible in a year. Start: 15th April 2010. ETD: 14th April 2011.
Goal 2: Reread 40 days purpose driven life - seriously. I find many inspiring quotes and verses during my last read but was too lazy to do anything about it and forget them all already. This time, I'm gonna make an effort to remember them and live them out :D Thank God I got my beloved kaki's in christ to company me on my 40 days journey this time. Marlene and Jason - Gambateh~! ^^
Since my brains has limited memory space, I thought of doing something to make myself remember better. I bought a small notebook to jot down the scriptures, quotes and points that I want to remember. I carry this in my handbag. So whenever I'm waiting for someone outside, or walking down the street to work, I could take this out and glance through a short phrase and try to memorize it. As for the mug picture, this shows a tea I usually drink during my devotional time and a mug I always use. ^^


丁华庆 said...

i long for buying a note pad to write down things..but i am so lazy plus my ugly din happen on me..cham..le. luckly i can type :) but even that i am lazy also sometimes...haiz

marlene said...

i didnt write anything this time... but just a sentence a day :) Show you all when we see each other ... AT STARBUCKS! ok? :D

beautifulcloud said...

Your blog is inspiring...I thank God for you and may God's Word cont to guide you...Prov 3:26 & 16:3

Sheerah said...

Jason: GAMBATEH!!!
Marlene: OK ON!
Mum: Thanks!