Monday, April 19, 2010

Birthday 2010 (Part 5) - MORE Blessings :)

Yep, I got more showers of blessings for my birthday...... so much that I might just drown in it. Haha. I thank God for friends who NEVER fail to remember my birthday and all the love and thoughts showered upon me. ^^
Gin Li babeh, thanks for the super duper cute card. I know you're reading this. Sorry I didnt update my blog for so long. :p Thank you for your friendship - always being there, no matter where on earth you are. Whenever I think of you, I thank God for our friendship. Love you... Muaks~!
Got an angbao from Ah Po. ^^
Marlene, thank you for the delicate thoughts in preparing my card and gift. I love every bit of it - from the packing to the card and of course, the wonderful notebook. I'm still thinking what to write in it. Kinda 'bu she de' wana write anything in it.. because, you know la, my handwriting so "nice"... and scared write wrongly wana change how?.... haiyo.....sure spoil the nice book. *heartbreaks*
MUST take a close up of the notebook. The cover is fabric leh~... loving the feel of it on my fingertips :D
And finally, got these cute little gifts from Iggy and Yvonne(the puzzle) .... and Ahui (the harmonica). The picture was taken during my birthday last year when they celebrated with me in KL. Time flies. It's been a year already. They might not celebrate with me this year, but they STILL remember. *touched~*.... as always.

And with that, there goes my birthday celebration this year. It's ALL good and I'm thankful :D Praying that God will continue to guide and that I will see what he wants me to do with my life this year and I will have an obedient heart. Praying that my faith will grow and I will be more like HIM. Lord, I'm willing. I'm willing. Please guide me and let me 'see'.

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