Thursday, April 29, 2010

Randoms #2

I find little random things happening in my life that I want to share but not sure what category to put them in and what titles to give them. So, I've just decided to categorize them under randoms. Hehehe.

When I got to work today, my manager handed me this. My unimates dropped by while I was not working and left me this. Find it kinda sweet and kinda cool. And touched by the thought to keep in touch and come to find me in Starbucks.......after all these years. Miss those uni days... one of the best days I've ever had, one of the best.
And today I finally finished my bible reading in Genesis :D This is the first time I survive Genesis and get to enter Exodus. In the past, I just drown together with the rest when God saved Noah during the 40days flood. Haha... With this tiny success, I'm somehow more motivated to go on. Yeah!! Gambateh!! ^^ Moses, I'm looking forward to meet you!
And for purpose driven life today, it talks about God wanting to be my best friend. 'WOW' right? Who am I to deserve such friendship? And ways to develope the friendship? - Constant conversation and constant meditating of God's words. I tend to forget his presence when I get into my everyday life. So to remind myself of that, I wrote these on my hand with a marker.

M.O.G.L.O.M = more of God, less of me. Inspired by Van Ness. ^^ Choose to write it there so I'll always see it. I need to look at my hands a lot when I'm working esp. Been having this for 2 days already during work. Hope won't be 'corrected', as 'tattoo's are not allowed. If so, I would have to think of another way to remind myself.

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