Friday, April 23, 2010

Ask for MORE

I'm totally crazy about our new promotional drinks. I'm not normally a frappucino person but man, these are too damn good to resist~! Also, this SUPER HOT weather kinda makes me crave for them.. and I think it helps with our promotion too. Everybody's looking for something GOOODDD to chill :D

Check out our Espresso and Cream Frappucino Blended Coffee - Coffee ice-blended with freshly ground espresso beans, topped with espresso whipped cream and espresso sprinkles :D If you're an espresso/coffee lover, this bad boy is what you need for a hot day ^^

Tips: things get better with chocolate chips :D
I added chocolate chips to my strawberries and cream today... and the outcome? - OOOoooHH La Laaaaa~~~~~~ Berrylicious~!

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adui... tempation