Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Jessica Joy Rees

Found out about this charming little girl who's fighting cancer from one of my devotionals. Her dad is a pastor in Saddleback Church. I'm moved and inspired by her joy, courage and determination to Never Ever Give Up (NEGU) which is her motto which later becomes the name of her foundation. Such positiveNesS! Wow! Anyways, she has a website and also, she is running a Joy Jar project reaching out to kids fighting cancer, read about it here.


vivacela said...

It saddens me a lot. Most kids in the US are down with cancer u noe. And she is one of them.

Mansori said...

I wish her recovery from her illness..and all people round the world ..
say it evryday
I can see it very clearly
I can see among the clouds
Hope always was buried inside me
I Believe in god I believe in MY abilities...
I Know you will recover ...