Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I Like Things Dirty

I like things dirty on my crafts. Find it hard to keep my productions clean. Made this for my kaki who's into hard rock music. I love rugged stuff and thank God for friends who appreciate some dirty old ruggedness. With that, I have a good reason to really distress and roughen every corner. Really enjoyed myself there. ^^

The Card
Distress, distress, distress! ^^
Layered stamping and chalked edges. And oh, can you see that star brad? That's one of my favourite. And its a gift from Liza.
Kinda goofed this up. However since everything is supposed to be dirty, so it still look quite ok :)
A matching bookmark as a tag for the gift
And a group picture (i like this picture :D)
Some of my favourite things
finished with a dash of sarcasm (oops :p)
The gift - rugged guitar strap with 'rockin' bible verses. I personally like it very much.
Different verses through out
Ends with an awesome cross ^^

Ok, finally got this post up. Been meaning to post this since last week! Gnite peeps! ^^

1 comment:

vivacela said...

Woah...!! Sui! I liked the rock card! AAAAAHhhhhhhhhhh.......
I also like tht stamp with the paint splash. (apa brand ar?)

Ur bookmark..i like! Big enuf to wake me up if im sleepy after reading my text book! :P