Thursday, June 2, 2011

Uncle Bernard's Birthday

It's been a while since I've blogged about anything happening in my life. Just ran through some pictures and realize I've really been missing out a lot on journaling. And hence precious moments lost and forgotten. Ah... not good. Neways, made a decision to journal more (fingers crossed). Let's start with Uncle Bernard's birthday.

We had a family dinner together to celebrate the chinese dumpling festival and as a mini surprise to also celebrate Uncle Bernard's birthday, which falls on the same day on the chinese calendar. It's been a while since he had celebrated his birthdays that he said he forgot how to cut the cake! But all in all, he seemed to enjoyed the mini celebration and so did everybody else. And I'm thinking we should do this kind of stuffs more in the family. ^^

Okie dokie, picture time.
Checkin' out the birthday card I made him
Blowing the candles too soon (half way through the song only ^^)
Cutting the baked cheese cake
A Family Photo
And a BIG family photo :)
And a picture of the card. (Thanks Vi for the reminder ^^)
Wishing my uncle all the happiness in the world :)

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vivacela said...

HAha...sheerah..u can start weekly updates on ur blog dy! Hws work? Been busy?
Anyways its not fair..uncle bernard can oni see ur card i no get to see >.<
Annddddd..i'm lurving uncle bernard's cake!! I lurve cheese cakes! aaaaaa.....